Easter reading post-mortem

Journal on the eve of Good Friday:

I've been getting behind on my extra-biblical reading. It's always the first thing to go for me.

Just in the last few months I've been given four books, all of which hold significant personal interest for me (and or course, I've only 'started' them all):

1. The Evangelical Universalist (Gregory MacDonald)
2. The Holy Trinity - In Scripture, History, Theology, and Worship (Robert Letham)
3. Quarterly Essay: The Happy Life - The Search for Contentment in the Modern World (David Malouf)
4. Creation or Evolution - Do we have to choose? (Denis Alexander)

I'm determined to play catch-up, but how will I go with 4 days?

Tick, tick, tick. Time starts now.

Post-Easter, back to work:

Well, I had fun trying. As always, we got sick! Elijah got tonsillitis, Bella influenza, Millie ear infections, Cath and I sleepless kids and colds! The truth is I never stood much of a chance.

But there's good news:

I got half way there. I knocked over the quarterly essay plus finished initial overview of both Evangelical Universalist and Evolution or Creation. That just leaves me with The Holy Trinity (for next Easter?) and a lot of work to begin making and writing up my reviews!

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