Welcome to EV video

I'm looking into what they do differently at Central Coast Evangelical Church, familiarly called "EV church" (as per my last post, Reaching the charismatics).

The first thing that struck me is they've done a really great Welcome Video, which is at the same time really bad in terms of its production. And that's the point. What I mean is that the video itself is no better than a backyard video for Funniest Home Videos. And yet as a Welcome, this video is ideal. It is so warm, inviting and perfectly achieves its aim of drawing me into EV, giving me a real great picture of who they are and what they're on about, making me want to come along on Sunday, and making me already feel welcome [having not been there yet]! Here it is; welcome to EV church:

It's not just about the friendly and passionate people in it; thought that is half of it! The style actually disarms me; the fact that they have done a budget production and majored not on quality of production but on sincerity of the messages the contributors are presenting, this makes me feel like they're just on the other end of Skype; I'm just being introduced to a friend, that's all. It shows me I'm going to get a church full, not of perfectionists, but of caring, welcoming and loving Christians; a church where I could feel 'at home'.

So the poor production quality actually helps in some strange way. Goes to show what I've often suspected - in today's day and age you don't need to do video well in order to do a video that serves your purpose well. And now I've got a great example.

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