Change is a two way street

If you haven't studied chemistry you may not have heard of Le Chatelier's Principle. But you'll know old Newton who said every action causes an opposite reaction. The chemistry equivalent describes change as a kind of two way stream: if you heat something up it adjusts by loosing mass, or something.

I find this law effecting me on the macro in the most frustrating way. We're everyday constained by the same dynamics. If I give time for family I lose energy. If I eat to gain energy I lose precious time. If I take time for myself my relationships suffer. I can't do anything without something else happening. It's a natural constaint: change is a two way street.

We're stuck with it so we live with it, but gosh I'm looking forward to the end of time's tyranny. Eternity is hard to imagine, but I can't wait to get used to it.

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