A publisher's poor pitch: John Owen's work on the Spirit

The only gripe I have with Christian Focus Publication's edition of John Owen's work on the Spirit, The Holy Spirit--His Gifts and Power, is the blurb--which Owen didn't write of course!

How did the publisher ever expect it to get wide readership amongst one of its biggest target audiences today, Pentecostals and Charismatics--those who need to read this book the most--when they've pitched their back of cover thus:

"The fraud and manipulation, which abounds in the church under the pretence that it is the work of the Holy Spirit, make this book required reading. Things excellent in themselves and acknowledged by all Christians are often counterfeited; the more worthy any thing is, the more destructive is the abuse of it.
All believers must "try the spirits" because false prophets and false teachers deprive us of liberty. Some people claim to know the Spirit's inward enlightenment, but the darkness of Satan fills their imaginations. This false light is of no use to the souls of men; it is in opposition to Christ and his work. The only way to tackle this is by giving a plain and scriptural account of the nature and work of the Holy Spirit..."

The vast majority of the actual book (in Owens tone) comes across much more neutrally than this--I.e directed at every Christian, not just targetting the deluded believer or the false teacher. It is applicable to everone (Owen of course wrote before Pentecostalism existed), and it is broard in it's appeal and relevance, comprehensive on the whole topic, and targeted at general understanding.

So why create unnecessary resistance with a lead sentence using words like "fraud" and "manipulation"?!?!

The other issue is the Old English. What average Evangelical can cope with it? It needs to be made more accessible to your average Pentecostal Joe.

Thus even more reason for me to get my act together on my blog for Pentecostals and Charismatics with serial summaries!

YAY! I love a good reason to Talk Pentecostalism!

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