New issues & advice for grads | 21 modern proverbs for young adults

Workplace growth

  • How you respond to your boss is more important than clearing your in-tray;
relationships are the most important aspect of work.

  • Choose a job to be a Christian, not to have a career;
a Christian mindset is all about your motives.

  • Don’t go near Facebook at work;
holiness is about the things you don’t do that others do.

  • Keep going to op-shops and packing your lunch;
being difference is about all the little things people don't notice. 

Financial growth

  • Give a % of your income and increase that % the more you earn;
don’t go backwards in the grace of giving.

  • Leave your credit card at home & clear it straight-away on every use;
credit is addictive and deceptive.

  • Let your wife allocate & process your giving payments;
giving is a gift, so delegate it.

  • Every time you treat yourself to a new bestseller, spoil someone with a recent favourite;
do something about your sources of pride.

Personal growth

  • Expect more than a prang or two and a few parking fines;
you will experience significant difficulties and troubles ahead.

  • Don’t spend time listening to yourself or looking at yourself in the mirror;
you are your worst enemy.

  • Read authors you disagree with;
it helps to assume you've got at least 10% of everything wrong.

  • Whatever you want to do at the end of your life, begin it now;
if it’s worth doing, it’s worth starting on it sooner.

  • Get some ducks and draw more;
if you loved it as a kid you could do with it as an adult.

Relational growth

  • Choose friends unlike yourself;
if you know only your counterparts you’re surrounded only by your weaknesses.

  • Get to know your neighbours;
it's those in front of you that are hardest to love and who need you most.

  • When you marry you will meet yourself and your own ungodliness;
God gives us spouses to help us grow up.

  • Find a baby sitter and pay her well;
it’s better to invest in time and people than the stock market.

Spiritual growth

  • Get the audio Bible and get really used to it;
use technology to make your life deeper, not more shallow.

  • Put prayer into your early morning coffee ritual;
don’t let your top priorities compete – combine them and you’ll get both done. 

  • Leave the TV off more often and don't turn up the music;
fighting through your nothingness is your best opportunity every day.

  • Schedule time and reminders to think about the End;
being a Christian is harder than any job you will ever have.

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