Now there's no excuse...

I've been meaning to finish reading John Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion for 4 years now!!!

But one awesome recent find for my iPhone has now given me no excuse...

'Audiobooks Free' is an application that's given me the whole darn thing on my head phones... That and much, much more. You can browse the hundreds of free audios by author or genre. And all of it is the very classics and ancient texts or pieces of antiquity that you've always 'in your dreams' wanted to be able to access easily and get time to read.

So next on my list is Augustine's City of God, then it's Eusebius' History of the Christian Church.

But for now I'm midway through listening to Calvin's first book, and of course, still going... Makes washing the dishes every night even more enjoyable. I'll be at it for weeks and months I'm sure. But don't worry: I'm sure to get there before another 4 years slips by?!?!

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