Two young ministers

I've been emailing Dr Paul Barnett (now retired Bishop of North Sydney) and Dr Peter Jensen's (currently Archbishop of Sydney) Diocesan Registrar and Archbishop's Executive Officer, Dr Philip Selden!

They have graciously allowed me to publish their co-authored book of 1973, The Quest for Power | Neo-Pentecostalism and the New Testament.

In a series of posts featuring consecutive exerpts from the chapters and appendices of the book I've been able to re-publish the complete book.

The re-publication of this book on my site Talking Pentecostalism has been well received and welcomed, since this book is now out of print, and largely inaccessible within and outside of Australia, and some who are well read in the authors' other writings did not even know that they had produced this work in their earlier years.

The Quest for Power is particularly concise and Barnett and Jensen's insightful comments are now accessible to all. I have no doubt that they are already proving to be extremely helpful for my audience, and will continue to be so.

So I just want to say a huge "thank you" to Paul Barnett and Peter Jensen!  It is very much appreciated and I pray that God continues to spread the effect of your work and writing far and wide with his blessing.

The back blurb is now quite funny:

"In this book two younger Australian ministers, who are involved in theological teaching, share insights which have arisen out of practical experience at St. Barnabas, Broadway, where they exercise a team ministry. It is their desire to relate the truth of the New Testament to the claims of the neo-pentecostal movement."
Younger ministers indeed... in 1973! :)

To have a look, even read the thing, it's all here.

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